$50 Websites with the No Business Too Small Program

Everything you need to get started with a professional web presence, without having to bet the farm for it.

Beautiful on phones and computers
Shows up in search results
Professional Design
Basic business information
Completely Ad free
Performant and Accessible
Custom layout and branding
Custom domain name

We believe that the internet should be accessible to everyone. This No Business Too Small program is an effort along those lines. We can get you started with the basics, while still maintaining our high standards of quality and design.

Quddús George

Ridván Software Consulting

How it works


Apply for a small business website by completing the above form.


Upload 5 pictures that represent your business, and we'll choose the ones that fit best.


If everything looks good, we'll send you an email confirming that you qualify for the small business program.


The confirmation email will contain an invoice link for a one-time fee of $50.


We'll have your new website up and running within 48 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?Getting Started

Your business information, 5 images, and $50.

Be ready to list your business' name, a tagline or motto, a paragraph describing the business, a phone number, email address, and location (only include those if you want them included in the site). Four advantages of choosing your business, these could be products, services, qualities etc. Also prepare five images that represent your business. After you've sent us all of that, a one time payment of $50 and we will have your site live within 48 hours.

Lets do this
How is it so cheap?Pricing

Simple, opinionated, and optimized

These websites only provide your basic business information. You won't be able to upload posts, handle orders, chat with customers, or add your own customizations. You also will not be able to choose your own domain name (eg. Ridvan.org), we will choose a subdomain for you. By sacrificing those features, and bringing everything you want listed on the site up front to the application form we can cut out the major costs, including time, and get you up on the internet looking professional.

Actually, I'm looking for some of those features
Where do I upload images?Completing your application

Just need to upload your images?

If you were unable to upload your images when you completed your form you can add them here. Please edit the file names to match your businessname, for example: ridvan1.jpg, ridvan2.jpg. This way we know who is who.

Upload your business images

$50 Website Application Form

Business Profile

This information will help customers to understand and connect with your business. Fill this information out as you would have it displayed on your website, for example with the proper casing.

Something like "Trampolines you can trust!" or "We'll get you home in one piece."

This will be the main paragraph on your page.

Business Information

Let customers know when, where, and how they can reach you. If a field doesn't apply to your business just leave it blank.

"We're open weekdays from 9am-5pm, and Saturdays from 9am-3pm."

Best case scenario a customer...

(What is your preferred way of being contacted about business?)

Business Services, Advantages or Benefits

These four points describe the primary services you offer, or the main benefits of working with you.

Such as "A quote you can trust."

For example, "There's no doubt that truthfulness is the most important way to start any business dealing."

Last thing! Upload 5 images that represent your business.

We'll send you a link to pay and have your website up within 48 hours of your payment.