Building My Bahá’í Pilgrimage Journal

Hussein Ahdieh and Tatiana Jordan had a vision for a physical notebook for pilgrims focused on each of the Holy Sites visited on Pilgrimage. They wondered if a mobile app version would be possible and together we built My Bahá’í Pilgrimage Journal.

My Bahá’í Pilgrimage Journal is a note-taking journal to record your Bahá’í pilgrimage to the sacred shrines and associated sites.

The app has some 50 sacred sites associated with the Faith listed in it. Along with being able to create written notes associated with each of the sites the app has a number of other features:

  • Audio notes
  • Photographs
  • Easily fetch the GPS location
  • Easily share your notes, pictures, and recordings
  • Generate a printable PDF journal including all of your written Notes

The app is available for both android and iOS.

About the app Hussein Ahdieh has said,

I decided to produce this wonderful application to help my fellow Bahá’í pilgrims to navigate their pilgrimage, save their experiences using multimedia for later recollection as well as sharing them with friends and families.

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