Some of Ridván's own projects.

Below is a collection of projects that represent my own efforts and individual initiatives.


    A newsletter sending out the letters of the Guardian on the 100th Anniversary of their original sending.

  • Ridván Reflect

    A weblog of my own writing generally related to technology and education.

  • Textbook

    A webapp for quickly and easily generating an opinionated pdf for printing as a childrens book. Under development.

  • Rockdove

    A cli application built in Rust for generating printable checks that can be deposited with mobile banking (as your particular bank allows).

  • Farzam

    A webpage dedicated to Farzam Arbab's talk "The Intellectual Life of the Baha'i Community". The talk has been divided into chapters and made available for easy download.

  • removeyoutube

    A script for iOS that makes it easy to open youtube videos on an Invidious instance.