Software consultancy available for hire.

Ridván is a small software consultancy operating in mankind's age of transition so I try to bring a little light to my work. Ridván works on all types of software projects with folks with lofty aims. If you have interest in collaborating or any questions, please feel welcome to reach out.

Working Together ➜

Recent Client Work

Textbook App

Rapidly build children's books with an opinionated layout in a beautiful and simple web app.

The Bahá’ís of Sumter County

A site that aimed to match the high ideals of the Sumter community with a correspondingly beautiful experience for their website visitors.

Building My Bahá’í Pilgrimage Journal

Bahá’í Pilgrimage is a rich experience, and Hussein Ahdieh and Tatiana Jordan had a vision for a way to create a beautiful journal from your notes for sharing when you return.

Brown and Kirk

Read the story behind Brownandkirk.com, a mobile detailing business in the CSRA area, and see how Ridván brought its owner Steve Brown's vision to life with a beautifully designed website. Learn about the creative process, key features, and results of this exciting project.