Here is some software I have found to be useful and choose to use.

All technology has embedded values, and I hope to practice articulating the values I see in some of the tools that I use with Ridván. I also hope the passerby here and there will find some of the tools useful.


  • Firefox

    Firefox doesn't appear to sell data about its users. It doesn't inhibit ad blocking.

  • uBlock Origin

    Excellent ad blocking browser extension.

  • Stylus

    Edit the css of websites with this browser extension. Can be used to make distracting elements, such the featured items of an online shop, which you would primarily browse by search, vanish.

Sending Files

  • Snapdrop Send files to other devices on the same local network.

  • Send

    Upload files and share via a generated link. Files are automatically deleted from the server after a number of downloads or days.


  • Signal

    Full featured messaging tool without data mining and a clear business model.

  • Molly

    A fork of Signal for android with a few additional features.


Video Meeting

Mac Specific

  • Maccy

    Excelllent clipboard manager.

  • Amethyst

    Window tiling manager.

  • Lulu

    Choose which applications can connect to the internet. A firewall to block outgoing communication.