Efforts to grapple with and find clarity around concepts related to the work of Ridván.

The world is changing fast. Every fundamental concept is losing meaning as it proves insufficient for mankind's maturity. Effort must be made to re-cast these concepts in the light of justice. Below are some of the initial attempts to gain clarity around ideas related to Ridváns work, usually through writing.


Why do our technology decisions matter

Technology decisions in organizations

Our technology choices have a large effect for those around us. This can be even more relevant for organizations which interact with a wide circle.


Bahá’í inspired education in the West

Challenges facing education in the West

Some reflections on the matter of Baha'i Inspired Education in the West and grappling with those forces that could rob the young of their time of harvest.


The Faculty of Justice

Justice as a faculty of the Soul

Baha'u'llah has likened justice to a light saying, 'The light of men is Justice.' Light is the essential medium for the operation of the faculty of sight. If we examine the physical senses with which man has been endowed we find that sight distinguishes itself for giving man access to a constant, broad, and precise perspective far removed from his own position.