The Promise of World Peace

Verbus Counts is the CEO and Founder of EMR Technical Solutions. His plans for the Promise of World Peace event at the local University in Edmondton Oklahoma are grand. He aims to share the vision of the Universal House of Justice for the establishment of world peace with the university students and receptive population.

Building the site was a process of getting familiar with the central document of the event, The Promise of World Peace. Then followed the question, "How can the website reflect the spirit of the event?" This was achieved through a combination of vivid images, meaningful hand edited animations and a series of rich related resources from around the world.

Right from the start a visitor gets the salient details for the upcoming event. Scrolling down they are acquainted with some of the central ideas from the Peace Statement accompanied by symbolic animations representing racial and class divisions.

As with all websites, by Ridván a high standard is maintained across key areas which impact heavily on useability and discoverability. As reflected in the google lighthouse score for the site:

It was a joy to find Verbus delighted with the outcome of the website. The hope is that the site was helpful in both connecting visitors with the local event and acquainting them with the content and high ideals of the Peace Statement.

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